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Business to Government issues

Entreprise & Diplomatie, a subsidiary of ADIT, supports a large number of international clients by offering a tailor-made and operational service which can leverage the impact and effectiveness of a business strategy. To that end, E&D possesses a network of seasoned experts as well as unparalleled expertise in public affairs, international relations, government business and business diplomacy. This applies to the relations with States and organizations such as the European Union, specialized agencies of the United Nations, and multilateral development banks.


Entreprise & Diplomatie, offers operational mediation solutions for all types of international issues. E&D has the ability to negotiate for non-contentious resolutions of complex export or investment cases. E&D experts bring their know-how in the deep understanding of the most sensitive environments abroad.

Soft Power

Entreprise & Diplomatie, designs, and implements strategies of influence and advocacy aimed at creating the most favorable climate possible to take into account the interests of its customers by stakeholders.
E&D is able to accompany its customers while adapting to every type of institutional environment (governmental institutions, multilateral institutions, large international tenders, non-governmental actors, etc.).

Fight against illicit trade

The illicit commerce of products – counterfeit or authentic – affects all industrial sectors and businesses do not necessarily have an internal procedure which allows them to determine the existence and origin of the fraud or to detect in advance the sale of counterfeited products. The consequences are numerous: impacts on financial results, sustained threats to the image and reputation of the business and/or of its products, potential legal consequences, etc.
Entreprise & Diplomatie and ADIT offer a complete set of services in this field: field investigations, identification of counterfeiting networks on the internet (websites, B2B platforms, forums, etc.), awareness and internal training, establishment of protection strategy.