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Mission examples

Strategic and diplomatic advice

  • A French multinational company strengthens its local position in a Middle East countryA French multinational company has contacted ADIT experts to strengthen its local position in a Middle East country subject to important political upheaval. ADIT helps this company find its place in the new local ecosystem by “un-risking” its projects and also by identifying new markets and partners.
  • A French company specialized in investmentA French company specialized in investment and asset management in public infrastructures needed support for its deployment in Africa. On its behalf, E&D identified the sectors of interest in a predefined geographical area and accompanied its client through talks with the authorities of the concerned countries.
  • A multinational company specialized in trading of foodstuffsThe executive management of a multinational company specialized in trading of foodstuffs has solicited strategic advice by E&D experts for its worldwide development. E&D intervenes every time the company is confronted to public authorities, by carrying its message and strategy to the highest spheres of the concerned states. E&D experts also advise the company on its searching of partners as part of its investments on the African continent.
  • Setting up a commercial joint venture between two railways network management companies (Europe)
  • Assistance and advice for public orders of civilian and military communication satellites (Europe, emerging country)
  • Advice and assistance for the establishment of industrial cooperation with local partners as part of a military equipment contract (Europe)
  • Support with the establishment of a European industrial group in France
  • Research on a potential co-investor for a wind farm in a Mediterranean country
  • Assistance with the referencing of a service company and an engineering company with multilateral investors (regional development banks, World Bank, European Development Fund)
  • Creation of a public interest group following a request from the French public authorities in order to promote and reference French technical expertise to European and international investors