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  • Entreprise & Diplomatie is a subsidiary of ADIT and has direct access to the expertise and the know-how of ADIT which is the foremost European provider of strategic intelligence to mainly large European and international groups. It is supported by a permanent team of more than 200 in-house analysts, as well as a network of experts and correspondents established across five continents. ADIT’s operational methods of investigation abroad, together with its strong internal analytic capability, allow its clients to access high value-added information which is vital to making sound strategic decisions. Entreprise & Diplomatie is the logical extension of ADIT’s business intelligence activities in the field of business diplomacy.
  • Entreprise & Diplomatie's second asset is the quality of its extremely reactive team, composed of international legal and public affairs experts. Led by Bruno Delaye, former French ambassador to five countries in Africa, Latin America and Europe, Entreprise & Diplomatie enjoys privileged access to high-level decision makers and has an in-depth knowledge of political and administrative systems. It is furthermore able to identify key players and negotiate with them if necessary.
  • Entreprise & Diplomatie's third asset is its partnership with French public authorities. ADIT was created in 1993 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to take advantage of its scientific advisory network and to implement a national policy of strategic intelligence. Today ADIT is a private sector company, although France remains a privileged stakeholder with a 34% share.
    Entreprise & Diplomatie operates in close partnership with the French diplomatic network.It makes a concrete contribution to the exercise of economic diplomacy and to promoting France’s international investment interests.